Themed Charters & Programs

All our themed charters are designed by an Endless Blue program specialist and are pre-packaged for your ease and convenience. Each one of our programs has a yacht or hotel component. Ask us about any of our Themed Programs.

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Blue Life Wellness Journeys

Solo Travel, Group Journeys, Corporate Initiatives ; Cultivate team spirit, mind management for greater focus while integrating a healthy mind-body connection. Sailing develops the skill sets necessary to create the competitive edge while unifying team members to work as one.  Programs based in the Mediterranean and  Caribbean  in the Spring and Fall. 


Sun, Sea & Salt

A 7 day Journey of discovery to understand the mind-body, food-mood connection. Learn the secrets of the Mediterranean cuisine right from your on board Chef. Meet with islanders to discover their secrets to longevity. Understand the correlation between what you eat and its affects on your state of mind and happiness.  Programs based in the Mediterranean April - October.

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Let's Celebrate

What better way to experience that big milestone birthday or event. Maybe its a wonderful multi-generational family event where 3 or more generations have come together for the first time to celebrate family! Our Let's Celebrate are a series of programs starting from the couple up to boat loads of family members - all custom designed with a personal theme and let's not forget the T-shirts! Programs based in the Caribbean and Mediterranean throughout the year. 


Miami for the Day

What better way to experience Miami than from the water. A great day break before your Caribbean flight or even just a quick get away from the cold. Our Miami Day charters have all the bells and whistles of our week charters all wrapped up in a day. Experience the stunning skyline, islands, fun in the sun sea toys and exceptional dining. Programs based in Miami, Florida November - June.


Relaxation with Purpose

In our Reconnect, Rebalance & Renew we are redefining the R & R Classic.  We all know we need to exercise more, eat better and spend more time reflecting and less doing to restore the mind to its full capacity but how many of us actually understand how to apply it to our daily lives and make it become a way of life vs a style of life.  Situated in beautiful Naples, Florida - rated one of the top cities in the US for healthy living! Programs offered November - June. 

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