Everything you see I owe to pasta.
— – Sophia Loren

Just a taste  Portofino & Cinque Terre 

The endless colors, landscape, fine dining and pure Italian style are what define Portofino and Cinque Terre. This beautiful bustling coastline of designer boutiques, outstanding restaurants, stunning blue waters are a private yacht haven. 

South of France

Itinerary 7 Days

Day 1 - Portofino to Levanto. Board your yacht in Portofino, one of the most spectacular harbors in the whole of the Mediterranean. Anchor for the night at Levanto, your entrance to the Cinque Terre proper.

Day 2 - Levanto and the Cinque Terre. Your charter yacht will remain at anchor in Levanto, and you can travel by tender to as many other towns of the Cinque Terre as you’d like. Step on shore here and there, or hike from one village to the next and meet your tender when you’re finished. The choice is yours.

Day 3 - Levanto to Portovenere. Spend the day hiking as much of the Cinque Terre as you would still like to see, then return to your yacht and cruise to Portovenere for a swim before cocktail hour and dinner on board.

Day 4 - Portovenere to Elba. Portovenere offers chances to explore on shore or to spend the day in the bay playing with your charter yacht’s water toys. This is a great location for kayaking, standup paddle boards, and more before your yacht anchors at Elba for the night.

Day 5 - Elba. Spend a day on this island that is best known as the place where Napoleon Bonaparte was once exiled. Today, it’s a nature preserve with dozens of beaches and some ruins to explore.

Day 6 -  Elba to Giglio. The stone wall at the medieval village of Giglio makes an impression, to be sure. Snorkeling and scuba diving are fantastic here, with underwater caves, shipwrecks, and plenty of wildlife including dolphins

Day 7 -  Giglio to Ostia. Your charter yacht will dock at Ostia, close to Rome, in time for your flights back home or your transfers to a local hotel and a continuation of your vacation ashore.

Itineraries are adjusted to duration of charter and are designed with the Captain upon selection of a Yacht and embarkation point.  All itineraries are subject to weather and sea conditions as well as, port authorities at time of charter and no port is guaranteed. Private yacht charters do not follow a cruise ship itinerary. All itineraries are custom designed in collaboration with the Captain of the selected yacht.  Above itinerary is suggested only. Captain may suggest alternate itinerary and embarkation/disembarkationfor reduced fuel consumptions, Value added tax (vat) requirements or other factors that effect the overall financials of the yacht charter.