Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA)

Advance provisioning allowance.  This is the amount prepaid to cover the cost of food, beverages, liquor, and a portion of the fuel for the charter. If underused, the remaining amount is refunded upon disembarkation.  If overused, the difference is due upon disembarkation.  The APA does not include fuel for the motorized water crafts or extra fuel required to resume an itinerary following any sailing route changes due to inclement weather/sea conditions or client-initiated changes.  The APA does NOT constitute an all-inclusive charter and additional funds may be required to cover fuel costs for actual itinerary executed (see section on Fuel Supplement).  The APA also does not cover any extra requirements for sailing into international waters (for applicable itineraries only).  NOTE: The APA is in USD currency and must be included in the overall total cost of the charter.  Payment of the APA will be direct by the charterer to the yacht charter manager and can be paid by credit card (3.5% charterer's bank fee additional applies) or by wire transfer (minimal fee, bank details to be provided with yacht charter agreement). The APA is converted to local currency EURO at time of receipt of cleared funds of 2nd Payment Installment. (for applicable charters with Euro currency requirements). Charters in the Caribbean are also subject to Euro currency depending upon destination.

Relocation & Repositioning

Relocation and Re-Positioning costs are $0 only when the charter client embarks and disembarks in the yacht’s home port or agreed embarkation/disembarkation points. Relocation and Re-Positioning is an extra cost and will be determined with your yacht charter specialist if/when a relocation/re-positioning is financially beneficial for the charter client. The Captain of the chosen yacht may recommend alternate embarkation/disembarkation points as well to reduce any repositioning costs. 

Charter Rates

Charter Rates are broken down into 3 portions - charter, VAT and APA.   The sum of all 3 portions is the amount to be paid by the charterer.    Rates are subject to change and to currency fluctuations until booked and payment posted.   Quotes are given by brand name – this allows us the flexibility to find alternate yachts in the same class/budget should availability become limited.

Fuel Supplement

To be advised by Captain of selected yacht and determined at the design phase of  itinerary.

Charter rates include crew, crew subsistence, and yacht’s insurance. Crew Gratuity is NOT included in the rates. Other charges:  Due to the caliber of yacht type requested, owners may also impose a REFUNDABLE security deposit on the charter agreement.  This will be highlighted on the agreement if it will be imposed.  This is a non-negotiable item if included on the agreement.  The yacht  broker does try to negotiate the amount  prior to obtaining the agreement.

Rate Inclusions

Payment Terms

A  preliminary down payment of 50% of total is due upon signing of agreement and no more than 7 days from signed date. The balance of 50% plus any fuel supplement is due 45 days prior to embarkation date.  For charters within 30 days of embarkation date, 100% full payment is required upon signing of the agreement.  The charter is non-refundable once paid in full.

Special Conditions

1. Advanced Provisioning Allowance (A.P.A) shall be converted to local currency EURO at time of receipt of 2nd payment installment of charter. (for applicable charters only)
2. A.P.A Escrow account shall be managed by authorized yacht broker for and on behalf of  the CHARTERER. 
3. Over-usage of A.P.A shall be due in EUROS prior to disembarkation (if Euro is the applicble currency). Authorized yacht broker shall settle account overage through CHARTERER’S ESCROW ACCOUNT for an on behalf of CHARTERER. Under-usage shall be reimbursed in the currency received or apply towards crew gratuity. 
4. Authorized yacht broker will settle  over-usage of A.P.A via credit card with a 3.5% service fee if zero balance is available in charterer’s escrow account.
5. Any applicable bank charges and credit card fees will be deducted from A.P.A escrow account. Use of a credit card for payment will incur a 3.5% credit card fee on total charter amount and charged separately as a transaction fee unless otherwise agreed. (Check with agent for applicability of clause 5)
6. Crew gratuities are customary but at the charterer's discretion and not included in charter rate. A crew gratuity table is provided with A.P.A Escrow Account Notification. Charterer is to advise authorized yacht broker of crew’s service and instruct amount of crew gratuity to be released. Funds will be provided from available escrow A.P.A funds and are released only with written authorization from the Charterer. 
7. Use of any on-board motorized water craft is subject to the operator having the appropriate license and meeting with local regulation. Any liability arising from non-compliance is entirely at the operator's risk.
8. All itineraries are subject to weather and sea conditions as well as, port authorities at time of charter and no port of call is guaranteed. Private yacht charters do no follow a cruise ship itinerary. All itineraries are custom designed in collaboration with the Captain of the selected yacht. 
9. Smoking is not permitted inside the yacht and only in designated areas outside.
10. Any changes to the defined embarkation/disembarkation itinerary will incur increased fuel consumption and re-positioning fees. All changes must be agreed prior to charterer's embarkation and require written approval from yacht owner to execute change in itinerary.
11. Charter for local country waters only - traveling outside of local waters will incur transit entry visas and customs tax. Costs are not represented in Charter Fee or APA. 
12. Children must be under the supervision of an adult at all times and are not the responsibility of the crew.
13. In the event of cancellation, the cancellation process listed within the yacht charter agreement will take effect and the authorized yacht broker will mediate the process for and on behalf of charterer together with yacht's management. It is recommended to obtain a Travel Insurance policy for the yacht charter. 
Additional  special conditions may apply depending upon the nature of the charter request. 

NOTE: Operation of motorized watercraft such as Jetski or Waverunner (if applicable) requires a small vessel license or accreditation to be presented to the crew.  Otherwise, they may only be operated by a member of the crew and charterer and guest can ride as passengers only. Use of any watercraft is at operators own risk and liability.