Food & Beverage Preferences

The on board dining experience plays a significant role in the overall yacht charter experience. With Chefs with amazing backgrounds creating all sorts of delights, its no wonder that most will put on a pound or two but love every minute of it. The on board staff personalizes your dining experience and can accommodate a wide range of dining preferences and dietary requirements. Be sure to detail as much as you like - we want to make sure we get it right! Nothing pleases a Chef more than guests enjoying the food!

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How to complete the form

If you are the lucky organizer for a large group or the family - make the Food & Beverage Preferences a fun activity. Bring everyone together or on line for a fun night of "let's guess everyone's dietary preferences" or find the wine lover in the group, the Cheese connoisseur or maybe the ultimate picky eater. The more we know, the better we can prepare our Chefs for your dining enjoyment. Don't worry about sounding difficult - we've heard it all and its all good! All that matters to us is that your tastebuds are mesmerized with unforgettable flavors. 

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Food Allergies or Food Intolerances 

We take food allergies seriously. Be sure to write the Name of the Guest (First and Last Name) with a specific Food Allergy or Food Intolerance. We have provided lots of space to do so on the form. Food Allergies are of particular importance. Please write in all CAPITAL LETTERS-  ALL FOOD ALLERGIES with the associated passenger. Please distinguish between an allergy or an intolerance. We need to know what to do in an emergency. 

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Calculating Consumptions

Over purchasing wine and spirits is not recommended as it is not refundable and is premium priced and premium taxed in all countries around the world. We've provided a section where you can tell us how much you and your charter party enjoy your wine and spirits; daily, twice daily, sparingly. This will help us make pre-calculations for you. We will always call out high ticket items such as Champagnes and Premium Spirits as alcohol is the second largest consumption of your Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA) after fuel!