Below you will find the most frequently asked questions. If you didn't find an answer to your question, or your question pertains specifically to you or one of your on board guests, your yacht charter specialist will  assist you. We are here to help! We know that travel is stressful and want to remove as much of that stress as possible prior to boarding.

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Can the crew accommodate special dietary requirements? 

The crew and on board Chef make every effort to accommodate all dietary requirements to ensure that you are staying fit and healthy throughout your journey.

Do we have to eat on board every night?

No you are free to eat on island whenever you wish and its an important part of your cultural immersion with the country in which you are visiting. To avoid over provisioning by your crew, let us know in your Food & Beverage profile if you would like to enjoy a night out in the town. You can also let us know that you wish to have only breakfast or light lunches prepared on board. We are really flexible! 

Are food costs extra?

The cost of your food is deducted from your advanced provisioning allowance (APA). It is that pool of funds that is used to cover the extra costs of the charter; mooring, food & beverages, partial fuel. The preparation and service of your meals is included in the charter rate. Of course all crews appreciate a crew gratuity if you have really enjoyed the service and meals on board. 

How do you handle food allergies?

All known food allergies or intolerances should be documented in your Food & Beverage Profile. We need to know so that the Chef can properly prepare meals. If you or any member of your charter party has a life threatening food allergy you need to let your crew know as soon as you board. It's better to be safe!

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Is my charter an All-Inclusive?

Unless specifically stated, private yacht charters are not considered All-Inclusive. All private yacht work with an Advanced Provisioning Allowance which is based on consumption. Your APA is significantly affected by your food and beverage preferences. If you are requesting premium wines and spirits, or specific brands, or large quantities, they will all affect your APA availability. 

What if my charter contract states that its All-Inclusive what does that mean?

Many of our Caribbean sailing charters are specified as All-Inclusive. The All-Inclusive consists of  (3) meals a day breakfast, light lunch and dinner along with beverages with meals. All premium wines and spirits are extra. Over consumption will be charged extra. 

I only drink a certain brand of wine or spirit - can you accommodate my request?

We make every effort to accommodate specific beverage and spirit preferences however, not all brands are available within the country that you are traveling. This would require that we are performing a specific import and in many cases, costs can be prohibitive. We always recommend trying the local brands/wines and spirits. If you are sailing in Italy shouldn't you at least try the local wines? France is world renowned and Greece - shouldn't you try the local micro-breweries and local spirits sure to put a smile on your face. Croatia try their wine you will be pleasantly surprised.


When I arrive will I have a transfer service to the yacht?

Yes once you have booked your flights, its important to provide us notice of your arrival so that we may properly prepare your transfer service. If you are working with a travel agent, your agent will provide us all the relevant details about your arrival. If you have a land stay prior your travel advisor may have arranged your transfer through the hotel. We handle all transfers to the Yacht.

Is the cost of my transfer included in my charter rate?

No your transfer costs are deducted from your APA. However, there is no charge for the service of orchestrating your transfers to and from the vessel and our service providers always provide us with preferred pricing for our clients.

What if I want to arrange my own transfer to the vessel?

You are free to do so. We will provide you a Welcome Aboard! pack two weeks prior to your embarkation which contains all the relevant information pertaining to you charter i.e yacht's location, Captain's contact, in-country support and more. Please note that we do not charge any extra fees for arranging your transfers so unless you have a friend picking you up, why have the stress? All our drivers are registered and tested so we know exactly who is coming to pick you up and they know exactly where to take you!

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Are there toiletries on board?

Yes, all our crewed charter yachts have toiletries on board so you don't need to worry about packing the extra weight or meeting airline restrictions. if you have a specific brand of shampoo or conditioner then we will recommend that you take it along in your own personal toiletries. 

Is there a Hair Dryer on board?

Yes all vessels have multiple hair dryers on board adapted for on board use with the yacht's electrical system. Other hair styling tools such as Flat Irons and hot curlers are not allowed on board. If a Flat Iron is required for your styling needs be sure to advise your yacht charter specialist and a flat iron with the appropriate electrical power will be purchased for you and found on board. You can take it home with you and keep it for your next travel. Your crew will show you where you can use the flat iron and where the flat iron can be rested. Any damage to the vessel due to flat irons, requires immediate payment and let's just say its not cheap so if you can do without it - its always safer!

What is the on board electrical system?

European 2 Prong Round USB adapter

European 2 Prong Round USB adapter

The electrical system on board European yachts will be 220v with a 2 round prong adapter requirement. Most vessels will have adapters purchased for you and found on board. Caribbean charter yachts often have a US 110v 2 flat prong system and no converters, or adapters required.  Most devices such as smartphones, iPads and other electrical devices can be powered by a simple USB adapter and no converter is required. Another form of charging on board is the yachts 12volt system similar to a car lighter charger. Ask your yacht charter specialist what electrical system is on board. 


Can I use the motorized sea toys on board?

All motorized sea toys on board vessels that have sea toys such as waverers, jet skis etc.. require a PERSONAL WATER CRAFT LICENSE to operate these sea toys. In addition there are designated areas within a country where the Captain can allow jet ski use. The Captain in all cases has the right to refuse use of the motorized sea toys. Use of the tender, even with a Personal Water craft license is never allowed by the charterer or any of the charterer's guests. All non-motorized sea toys such as water skiing, wake boarding, tubing and other fun in the sun activities do not require a license however, you are accepting all associated risk of the sport and no liability shall be transferred to  the crew or yacht's owner. 

What happens if I don't have a Personal Water Craft License?

You are able to enjoy the motorized sea toy as a passenger. A crew member will be happy to take you to enjoy the activity. Alternatively a jet ski or wave runner can be sourced from a 3rd party supplier but due to stricter regulations in all motorized sea toys, a PWC may be required for the rental of a waverunner or jet ski as well. 

What if I want a specific sea toy?

If you wish to have a specific sea toy such as a Stand Up Paddle Board or a Kayay and it is not already available on the vessel as part of its sea toys, they can be rented for you at an extra cost. The Captain will need to approve the space availability prior to the rental of the extra sea toy. 


Is Crew Gratuity part of my charter fee?

No - Crew gratuity is not part of your charter fee and is optional and discretionary. We provide you as part of your Welcome Aboard pack a crew gratuity guidelines table that is based on a performance evaluation. It is provided for your ease of reference and information only. 

Can I pay crew gratuity with my credit card?

Yes with a credit card service fee of 3.5% and with your yacht charter specialist only. A credit card for payment of crew gratuity cannot be done on board only through your escrow account yacht charter provider. Credit cards for payment on board are not allowed. Your credit card needs to be on file with the yacht charter management team. It will be available on your account should you not wish to have an APA Escrow Reserve.

What if I have remaining money from my APA. Can I use that towards crew gratuity?

Yes - An APA account balance will be provided to you by your yacht charter specialist. They will advise if you have remaining APA funds on account. If you have remaining APA and all expenses of the vessel have been paid, those funds may apply towards crew gratuity. Most clients prefer to maintain a APA Escrow Reserve on account with the yacht charter specialist. The yacht charter specialist will close out all account expenses and pay crew gratuity according to the charterer's authorized amount. Crew gratuity is paid in local currency and delivered to the yacht's account for onward distribution by the Captain to the crew. There are specific formulas for the distribution of crew gratuity per rank and responsibility on the vessel. This is determined by the Captain. Should you wish to offer any member of the crew a specific bonus or supplement, you are free to do so. In the case of 2 or 3 many crews in sailing yachts the split is typically an even split amongst the crew members as each has a significant role in your service quality. 

What if I don't want to leave crew gratuity?

While it is not obligatory, it is customary. If you do not wish to leave any crew gratuity because you are unsatisfied with the quality of service, you should notify your yacht charter specialist or agent directly and advise of the service issues when they occur. We need to know if you were not provided quality service. If you were provided good service but do not typically offer gratuity, this is of course your own personal discretion. We only wish to know in the cases that you were not provided the expected service and therefore wish to demonstrate your unhappiness by not leaving any crew gratuity. 

If you are leaving a significant crew gratuity but actually were not happy with their service, we are unable to provide any correction to their service quality or any guidance on what they could have done better. Open communication with your Yacht Charter Specialist is critical to maintain great service and continue to educate and train our crews on what they could do better.