A Journey through the British Virgin Islands 

The British Virgin Islands offer a plethora of natural beauty and serenity. Known for its calm waters, excellent sailing, short distances between islands and outstanding snorkeling and swimming activities. A couples and family paradise!

British Virgin Island Map

Day 1 Nanny Cay 

You may board your yacht at 12 Noon from Nanny Cay Marina or Trellis Bay right next to Beef Island Airport.. Upon boarding you can enjoy a tropical cocktail prepared by your Captain himself! The Captain will  then show you to your cabin while the first mate prepares a delightful  lunch. After lunch, we will depart and set  sail for Cooper Island. Anchored in the calm waters of Cooper Island you can spend the afternoon swimming,  snorkeling around Cistern Point, laying on the beach or  trying out the many watersports toys  we have aboard Blue  Moon. Hors d'oeuvres are served around 5 pm, the chef will bring out snacks and your favorite happy hour cocktail for all to   enjoy. Take in your first gorgeous sunset while relaxing on the fly bridge.  After sunset, dinner is served in the main cockpit area under the stars for  everyone to enjoy your first tropical calm evening in Paradise.

Enjoy and let your journey begin!

Day 2

After a good morning breakfast, a morning sail can take  you to the Baths on  Virgin Gorda. This takes roughly an  hour and a half to sail and is most picturesque.  Upon  arrival at the Baths, you will see the most spectacular rock formations from  the Batholithic period. Your Captain will take you ashore and give you a guided tour, full of history and interesting facts about the area. Only flip flops  and a swimsuit are needed for this adventure! After your walk through the  Bath the first  mate will meet you on the beach in Devils Bay with cold drinks and your snorkel equipment. You can snorkel in and out of the  giant boulders and then head back to your luxurious  yacht Blue Moon for a  refreshing lunch! After Lunch, we  will set sail for Long Bay on Virgin  Gorda where we will  anchor for the night. Happy Hour cocktails and appetizers will be served at 5 o’clock. The view at sunset from Long Bay Virgin Gorda simply cannot be beaten.   It is a view 25 miles down to St  Thomas where the sun sets, surrounding you on the  horizon  are a multitude of tropical islands in the sun. Every night at sunset is dead  calm here, so enjoy Happy hour  with treats and cocktails and let your mind escape  into  paradise. It is here on a full moon that you can see each grain of  sand on the seabed 15 feet below. Dinner is served in the cockpit after  which the crew will turn out the lights and everyone will head up to the trampoline for  some of the most spectacular star gazing you will ever see.  

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Day 3 - Collecting Sea Shells

You will wake up in Long Bay Virgin Gorda where we will  spend the morning  enjoying the crystal clear water and the 1 mile long foot-print free beach. There are no palm  trees at this anchorage but collecting sea shells on the beach or snorkeling is divine. For those who are keen, the Captain will take you for a snorkel to the ‘Jacuzzi,’ an underwater  swim through which leads you into a pool enclosed by a  circular rock wall! Blue Moon will then set sail for the  Bitter End Yacht club in the North Sound on Virgin Gorda.  Lunch will be served upon arrival after which you will  have time to go  ashore and explore. We will then go for  a short ride around to Eustachia  Sound where we will anchor on a barrier reef with the Atlantic Ocean being  the only thing in sight. Here you can go for a snorkel at one of the most  fascinating spots in the BVI. The barrier reef stands up from 5 feet to 40  feet, this  is where you’ll see those rainbow colored fish and all the  colored sponges and corals. Very few guests get to do  this so make sure you  are one of those few. Then, it’s  time to relax in the seating area on the bow looking out to the Atlantic Ocean sipping a Pina Colada reminiscing about the adventures of the day. You will enjoy a wonderful dinner prepared by  your lovely first mate and with your  eyes barely open, wonder off to bed  for a good night’s sleep.   

Day 4 - Set sail for the Dogs

After breakfast we will set sail for The Dogs. For those who wish to go scuba diving your crew will be happy to guide you on a dive.  The snorkeling around the  Dogs is some of the best in the BVI. The hard and soft corals are a plenty,  keep an eye out for lobsters, eels and even nurse sharks. Lunch will be  served aboard Blue Moon after which we will set sail again for Marina Cay for the evening. Marina Cay (Republic of Jose Cuervo) is one of the smallest of     the Virgin Islands and my favorite Caribbean island.  Marina Cay has a lovely beach restaurant under the  coconut palms where you can relax and enjoy the  tropical  surroundings, or you can jump in the warm crystal clear tropical     waters and snorkel round the small reef. Children as  well as adults can  wakeboard,  kneeboard or snorkel here, but going ashore to explore this  island is a big "must." After dinner, for  those who fancy a night  of fun, music and possibly even  some dancing, the Captain will take you across  the way  to another of the BVI’s smallest islands, Bellamy Cay. This island  bares a restaurant and bar called the Last Resort where  a talented musician by the name of Al performs. Al has  played in the BVI’s for over ten years  and should not be  missed!   

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Snorkeling in the Caribbean

Snorkeling in the Caribbean

Day 5

After a good breakfast, we will cruise to Monkey Point on Guana Island for  some snorkling. Snorkeling is wonderful at this spot or you can relax on  your  catamaran with your favorite book. We will only stay here for about an  hour before we set sail and head down wind towards Jost  Van Dyke and it’s  neighboring islands. This is a great sail to put out the fishing line and  hope to catch a fish. Sandy Spit and Green Cay are all places of  exceptional beauty. Just take your pick. Sandy Cay is a "must do" exploring adventure by foot, it is a short walk which  commences on the  beach and runs through thick coconut  palms to a path leading up the top of a 50 feet cliff  looking out to Sandy Cay, Tortola and the Atlantic. On your    way back to the beach, pick up your favorite Hermit Crab friend and get ready for a high stakes Hermit Crab race.  Take shoes, flip-flops, a camera and bug spray. This is  one walk you will never forget. For the over-night stop,  White Bay is secluded and quiet with only the Soggy Dollar Bar  ashore; or Great Harbor is ideal for those who would  like to visit the famous Foxy's.  Let us know where you want to stay and then you can enjoy  enjoy your happy hour,  followed by dinner and  good sleep!


Day 6

After Breakfast we will set sail for Norman Island. Norman Island was used as the  back drop in the famous novel by Robert Louis  Stevenson's novel "Treasure Island," and there was  in fact treasure found on this island at one time. On  the way, we will stop for a snorkel and lunch at the Indians. This is a snorkel not to be missed.   The shallow  area filled with a soft coral garden on one side with a deep penetrating wall on the other makes this one of the most  versatile snorkeling spots in the BVI. After lunch we     will cruise over into the Bight for the  night. Norman  Island is a wonderful island for hiking and exploring, you  can also visit the newly renovated Pirates Bight and  lounge on the beach with  a cocktail and play some  Jenga.  This is a good place to lay back with a  book in a comfortable spot aboard. There are many choices for happy hour in this bay just let your crew know what you want to do!  Dinner is enjoyed on board under the gorgeous stars above. You may  wish to visit the  famous Willy T which is a Brigantine  pirate ship at anchor which acts as a restaurant and  bar. This can be quite a lively place at night, so if it is night life you feel you need then the Willy T is where you need to head for this evening. Otherwise enjoy the  night on  before heading off to  bed!   

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Day 7

When everyone is up for the day, we will move the boat around the corner to the  famous Caves. We will have breakfast here and then you can enjoy a nice calm snorkel. This is also a great place for water sports, so let your crew know what you want  to try today! After The Caves we will set our sails for Deadman’s Bay on Peter Island. Peter Island is host to Peter Island Resort which is owned by  Amway. From Deadman’s Bay you can go ashore and explore the resort, shop at  the boutique, lay on the beach, or go for a hike.  Snorkeling can be exciting in this bay as it is home to many Hawksbill Turtles and two beautiful Eagle Rays. The beach at Peter Island Resort  is one of the most  picturesque beaches in the BVI’s so  it’s a great spot to take those last shots. We will  enjoy a relaxing cocktail hour on the fly bridge following  by a unforgettable dinner aboard.    


Until your next adventure!

After breakfast we will set sail for your drop off location where a Taxi will be arranged to take you to the airport or ferry for your noon departure. Fun times  were had and we will miss you, so make sure you come back and visit  us again next year!   

Journey provided by Captain Jack and Jaimey Blue Moon