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Day 1: Pick up in St Lucia at The Marina at Marigot Bay, tucked away on the scenic west coast of St Lucia, has long been known as the eastern Caribbean’s safest and most attractive hurricane hole. Another option is Rodney Bay, located on the north side of the beautiful island of St. Lucia. It is situated in a well- protected inner lagoon that helps make it safe and secure. While perfect white-sand beaches give way to emerald waters adding to the island’s captivating allure, Rodney Bay Marina offers the perfect backdrop to your yachting lifestyle. 

Day 2: Cruise St Lucia, leeward coast. Spectacular landscapes, beautiful white-sand beaches and mesmerizing turquoise blue waters. When you land here, you've found the Jewels of the Caribbean! Anchor at The Pitons, one of the greatest Saint Lucia Natural Attractions. The Pitons of Saint Lucia are primeval twin peaks having the height of above 2,000 feet. Located near Soufriere in the Southern part of Saint Lucia, the Pitons are the most famous landmarks of the island. Even being a great tourist spot, only extremely courageous trekkers have been able to climb the Pitons in Saint Lucia. .

Day 3: Head towards St Vincent, a lush volcanic island, just 18 miles north to south and 11 miles wide, its windward coast is lined with cliffs and rocky shores pounded by the Atlantic ocean. The leeward coast has spectacular slopes and valleys running down to beaches lapped by the tranquil Caribbean Sea. The Capital, Kingstown, combines reminders of its colonial past with the bright and bustling life of a modern market town. 

Days 4-6:
Bequia, 9 miles south of St Vincent and the largest of the Grenadines. It is an island oriented to the sea, retaining age-old traditions of boat building, whaling and fishing. Mustique, a gem of an island measuring 3 miles by 1 mile with a landscape as genteel as its lifestyle, green hills roll into soft white sand beaches and turquoise waters. Privately owned, this Grenadine isle has long attracted the elite of the world, including British royalty.
Canouan, claims some of the best beaches in the entire Caribbean - long ribbons of powder-white sands, wide shallows and coral. The island has an airstrip for flight aircraft. Tabago Cays are numerous islets south of Canouan, guarded by some of the most spectacular coral reefs in the world. You can sail, snorkel and beach comb in complete seclusion in this rare tropical paradise that can be reached only by yacht. A national marine park is being developed here.
Union Island, a 2,100-acre mountainous island fringed by superb beaches, this is the stopping-off point for yachtsmen and visitors heading to some of the smaller Grenadines.


Day 7: Arrive at St George, Grenada, a rolling, mountainous island, covered with fragrant spice trees and rare tropical flowers. Bordered by stunning beaches, and dotted with picturesque towns, this verdant island has long been a major source of nutmeg, cloves, ginger, cinnamon, and cocoa. The seductive drifts through the colourful Saturday markets and Grenada's dense forests. In the interior of this volcanic island are cascading rivers and waterfalls, lush rainforests, and one of the most breathtakingly beautiful mountain lakes imaginable. The capital, St. George's, is widely held to be the loveliest city in the Caribbean. Its horseshoe-shaped harbour is surrounded by a pastel rainbow of dockside warehouses and the red-tiled roofs of traditional shops and homes.



St Vincent and the Grenadines are a group of 32 islands of which 7 are inhabited that make up one country in the Windward Islands of the Caribbean, known worldwide as a superb yacht charter destination. A Grenadines charter provides you with a picture perfect setting to spend your winter in the warm Caribbean sunshine.
These unique islands have a similar feel to the British Virgin Islands and yet they are much less developed and far less “discovered” than the BVI. No jet skis, waverunners, or spearfishing are permitted in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, which make it perfect for a relaxing yacht charter vacation.
There is a conscious effort made toward protecting the spectacular natural heritage of the islands.
With prevailing trade winds and currents in St Vincent and the Grenadines, it is comfortable to sail southward from St. Vincent down to Union Island with the wind and the swell. Steaming north can be more of a struggle but the islands are close together and a round trip can easily be accomplished in a week to ten days. Daytime temperature go up to a maximum of 32 degrees and minimum 24 degrees. Water temperature during the winter months is about 28 degrees. It is sunshine all around the islands for the most parts of the day except for a few scattered caribbean rain showers.

Young Island / St Vincent
Guests have the option to either fly in from UK or US to St Lucia or Barbados. The Bequia Beach Hotel’s private 9 seater King Air-200 aircraft will pick you up and bring you directly to Bequia or St Vincent where you will board the yacht late afternoon.
Recommended pick up would be St Lucia because the immigration formalities to St Vincent can be done there while waiting for the luggage being off loaded from the international carrier. The aircraft leaves once the guests are ready. Note: Landing in Bequia is not permitted after dark 5.30pm.
Boarding of the yacht in St Vincent: Star of the Sea will be anchored outside Young Island, a private hotel island located 10 minutes from the airport. On the shore side are some lively local bars, which can be visited if requested as well as the bars on Young Island.

St Vincent
Following day: Visit to St Vincent; places of interest include the Botanical Garden (strongly recommended), Private Montreal Garden, Wallilabau - where the first film Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed, Dark View falls with its Bamboo bridge.
The Capital Kingstown is very authentic and truly Caribbean. The fruit market, fish market is of interest for guests who would like to see local produce. Cruise to Bequia 1 hour 15 min

Princess Margaret Beach / Bequia

Alternative boarding can be Bequia, the yacht will be anchored in Port Elisabeth which is 15 minutes taxi ride from Bequia airport. Swim from nearby Princess Margaret Beach (regarded as one of the 10 best beaches in the World by Conde Naste

Magazine!), sample drinks at lively Jack’s Bar, have dinner onboard, and continue the evening dancing to live music and head for after dinner drinks to one of the many bars along the Belmont Walkway in Bequia.

If the charter is over New Year, it’s strongly recommended this is spent in Port Elisabeth watching the fireworks at midnight from the yacht which could be truly memorable. 

Bequia Island
On the following day explore Bequia’s charming capital Port Elizabeth by foot and take an Island tour (2-hours). Visit to the turtle sanctuary, plantation tour at Firefly can also be arranged. Have lunch at Bequia Beach Hotel or one of the many
other restaurants you can choose from. Afternoon sunbathing onboard or at the Princess Margret Beach, try water sports etc and have a relaxing day.
Bequia has 41 Dive sites and two diving companies if you would like to learn to dive.

After Breakfast the following morning cruise south to the marine park in Tobago Cays where you can also spot Iguanas in their natural habitat roaming freely. Swim from the yacht with the wild turtles close to the island where you can also spot wild Iguanas. Snorkel! These uninhabited islands is regarded as one of the best snorkelling waters after the Great Barrier Reef.

Charter guests can cruise from Tobago Keys to Grenada in approximately an hour.

Alternative visit to Union Island and island tour and/or stop at the sand reef Mopion, featured in many fashion magazine and/or Palm Island. 

Guests can also cruise directly to Grenada in 3 - 4 hours and stay over night in a marina or at anchor outside St George’s. Here you can sample the rum if you like.. Next day island tour of the “Spice Island” can be arranged. Recommended to visit apart from the capital, is the Chocolate factory (follow the entire process of making chocolate). Next to the chocolate factory is a very old fashioned rum distillery (250 years old Victorian
equipment still in use).
Both are located on the north of the island which is an hour’s taxi ride from the St George’s. Spend a second night in Grenada.

Salt Whistle Bay / Mayreau

Cruise to Union Island. Leave and clear immigration and customs upon return to St Vincent & Grenadines and cruise to Tobago Cays for lunch. Eat freshly caught whole lobster, BBQ’ed on the shore by the local fishermen.

In the afternoon visit the small island of Mayreau with 150- 250 inhabitants depending on the season, walk the one road, visit the local church and some bars before dinner onboard. In one of the bars, the local rasta man will bring out his guitar and play some Bob Marley songs. Anchor for the night in Salt
Whistle Bay, which is a lagoon with calm lukewarm water or get there for a visit and swim in the morning.
Mayreau is located around 15 minutes cruise from Tobago Cays 

Leave Mayreau after breakfast and continue on the 2,5 hour trip to Mustique. This paparazzi free private island is a usual haunt for celebrities and wealthy individuals alike that own one of the only 100 villas. Go for a drink by the beach or spend a Wednesday night themed ‘jump up!’ at the world famous Basil’s Bar to get the party started.

Mustique Island / Bequia
After breakfast leave the yacht to fly out from Mystique to connect to your international carrier. Alternatively you can return with the yacht to Bequia, Friendship Bay (1 hour 15 mins) and leave from Bequia island to your international carrier.

* Itinerary provided by Star of the Sea