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Private Yacht Charters

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Simple Elegance

The Simple Elegance collection is our collection of older yachts that have been completely refit and offer great values, larger cabins and all the bells and whistles of our other collections without the higher charter costs. The Simple Elegance collection is perfect for families, larger groups or couples that want to experience a private yacht cruise without the over the top rates.

Rates From: $70,000  plus CE <100ft
Rates From: $125,000 plus CE >100ft

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Sea & Be Seen

Our Sea & Be Seen collection is exactly that - you have to be seen in these yachts. The yachts are beautiful, stunning lookers and ideal suited for up to 3 couples in matrimonial beds and one Twin. Many of our yachts in this collection come with sun deck jacuzzis, a wide range of sea toys, upper deck bar, al fresco dining and much more. Our Sea & Be Seen is a charter favorite.

Rates From $75,000 plus CE <100ft
Rates From $95,000 plus CE >100ft



Island Hoppers

The Island Hopper collection is a curated collection from our partners at Endless Blue. This beautiful collection of small motor yachts are the entry point in the motor yacht series.  They come in all different sizes and price points, as well as, different stateroom configurations. Our Island Hopper collection will zip you through the most picturesque  islands lined with small coves and quaint harbors. The Island Hopper collection allows you access to just about any cove or village marina as its size is not restrictive.

Rates From $35,000  plus CE <65ft
Rates From $45,000  plus CE >65ft

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Gone with the Wind

Our Gone with the Wind collection is our collection of mid-size catamarans that are perfect for families and couples as they tend to come in 4 double cabin configurations. All are moderately priced  and offer a wide range of amenities. Catamarans offer smooth sailing, exceptional fuel efficiency and interior cabin comfort. 


Rates From $25,000  plus CE <60ft
Rates From $35,000  plus CE >60ft


The More the Merrier!

In our The More the Merrier Collection you will find our motor sailors. A traditional Pirates of the Caribbean hull design perfect for large groups and big families. They offer exceptional amenities, cabin comfort, moderate pricing for groups of this size and best of all they offer moderate fuel consumptions. 


Rates From $45,000  plus CE <100ft
Rates From $65,000  plus CE >100ft

Rates are NOT inclusive of Charter Extras (CE); APA (35% of charter value), VAT (13-22% of charter value varies according to country regulations), Re-positioning (if applicable), entry visas or customs clearance (if applicable), fuel costs for selected itinerary, crew gratuity and other costs associated with the charter. The rates listed are subject to change without prior notice.  All rates are for a 7 day charter.

Motor Yacht Collection

Whether you select a yacht from our Simple Elegance Collection or all the way to our Bold & Beautiful , you aren’t  just chartering a yacht or taking another cruise, you are owning a lifestyle.  Motor yachts are more ideally suited for a journey where time is of essence and style and on-board amenities are a must. Motor yachts offer speed allowing you to maximize your destinations. Often you can achieve 5-6 destinations in a 7 day itinerary. They reduce time on the water between destinations and make for a really good wow effect when you come into port! However, be prepared as motor yachts have higher fuel consumptions. The faster you go, the more you consume and fuel requirements can be high.  Motor yachts  are also more susceptible to adverse weather conditions and your Captain may require to alter your journey. 

Sailing Yacht Collection

In our Sailing Yacht Class there is a yacht for everyone’s budget. This collection offer everything from sportive to ultra luxury while maintaining a green eco-friendly travel style. While sailing yachts may require more time to reach the next destination, they are friendlier with fuel consumption and the environment. Sailing yachts are the original way to discover the islands. On a sailing yacht it’s all about the journey and not just about getting from one destination to the next. That’s not to say that sailing yachts are slow - we have performance luxury sailing yachts that can beat top speeds on many motor yachts (with the right winds). The best way to enjoy a private sailing yacht charter is to let the winds take you where they want. This way you will have ideal sailing conditions, extreme fuel efficiency and an awesome feel of nature.