A Journey through the Dalmatian Islands

A journey from Trojir to Dubrovnik taking in all the quaint ports, historical sites, natural wonders and warm friendly Croatians. The journey through Croatia is a mix of traveling through the era of castles, kings and knights while experience  untouched natural beauty bringing you back to a more simple time. Hidden gems along the way waiting to be discovered. Sit back, enjoy and let your trusted Captain and Crew slowly unfold the magic of Croatia! 




Embarkation day is always an exciting day and typically the longest day. Meeting your Captain and crew, seeing the yacht, unpacking, settling in, going over the itinerary and emergency procedures are definitely exhausting!

Once you've settled in - its time to have your Welcome Aboard! wine, champagne,coctail whatever is your personal preference. You can decide with your Captain if you want to stay and enjoy the quaint town of Trojir or set sail. 

Remember the entire journey is based on your preferences with the guidance of your Captain keeping a balance between your preferences and natural forces. Your Captain will always have a back up plan if weather isn't cooperating. 

Enjoy and let your journey begin!


Hvar a hotspot for yachts. It is often called "the Saint-Tropez" of Croatia. However, they also have beautiful cultural places to visit such as the castle with stunning views of the old town which is a Unesco protected site.  I would recommend to go into port for the night so guests can go on and off as they please. If they do prefer to be at anchor, there are some good spots near paklinski island which is only a 5 minute tender ride to Hvar

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The island of Vis used to be an important hub for military airplanes. Hence some of the best airplanewrecks dive sites are found near the island. The small island a little bit further to the south-west is famous for the blue cave which you can enter by tender. During the day, the sun reflects off of the sea bottom which creates blue colours throughout the cave. I would recommend to anchor near the islands and guests can enjoy some of the water sports and take a dip into the Adriatic. 


Very nice town which people also refer to as "little Dubrovnik" since it is very similar with the squares and architecture. However, there are fewer tourists which makes it more convenient for yachts to visit. The boulevard is very nice to be berthed stern to.

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Miljet National Park

Miljet National Park


This island is a national park and requires an entry fee. The islands are all about nature and relaxation. The islands also hosts a large "lake" which is definitely worth a visit. Naturally we would drop the anchor so the guests can enjoy a nice swim in the blue waters surrounding Mljet. 



Usually the place to arrange everything with customs before leaving to Montenegro. Therefore it's a very popular place for yachts entering and leaving Croatia. The boulevard is slightly similar to Korcula in terms of size. The setting of the bay has a very unique feeling which makes it a very special place. The nice thing about the town is that it's not "flooded" by tourists like the neighboring town of Dubrovnik. Definitely worth visiting although getting a berth here is not always easy.

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Dubrovnik, a stunning city that is best visited by land as the port is not easily accessible by private yachts and you must tender in. Also, the thing of Dubrovnik is, it's not very accessible by yacht. The yacht would have to berth on the north side of the town and then go by tender or taxi to the small port which is further south. A good way to experience Dubrovnik is berthing and having a private tour to avoid the large crowds of Dubrovnik. 


Captain Olav's Hidden Gems of M/Y Brazil

Start in Trogir, which is a very nice little town and even closer to the airport of Split. Note that I have lived here myself for some time and prefer it over Split. It is similar to Split in a way but much smaller. We can have a mooring along the town quay which is located exactly in the center of Trogir. We can either spend the first night there or proceed to our next destination straight away.

Once we leave Trogir, we can set course to a place called Laganini beach club (40 mins) which is accessible by tender and nice to have the yacht anchored in the bay. They do nice lunches there and it is a bit more upper market. After lunch I would suggest to proceed to the blue lagoon(1 hour) and drop the anchor there overnight. 

The next day I have a nice place in mind on the island Brac. It’s one of the best and only sand beaches in Croatia. We could drop the anchor for a couple hours, do some waterspouts and then continue to Zlatan Otok for lunch. Here I can arrange a local wine tasting lunch with wines made on the island. For the evening it might be a good idea to proceed to Korcula and moor up so the guests can relax  en enjoy some time on the island. 

The day after I suggest to go to Lastovo National Park. This is a beautiful group of islands where they can enjoy pure nature paired with maybe some water toys? 

For the next day I can suggest to visit Mljet and do a tour of the island either by scooters? Or private van? This island has beautiful lakes which are definitely worth visiting!

Another suggestion in the area would be Sipanska Luka. This is a small little bay with a good restaurant ashore and a very nice approach since it is rather narrow. 

For the last destination I would suggest Cavtat since it’s closer to the airport. If you are planning a visit to Dubrovnik by land or have already seen Dubrovnik then Cavtat is the ideal last destination. It Is quite small but has a beautiful boulevard, quaint, less tourists than Dubrovnik and would be a very convenient place to disembark. 

Of course everything depends on the weather and conditions during the charter but this is pretty packed itinerary with lots of incredible places which are still not so well known to the mass tourists. I have been sailing the Adriatic coast for the past 15 years so I am sure we will show you some places that are a little off the beaten track.  

Journey provided by Captain Olav - M/Y Brazil