Sun, Sea & Antiquity

A  journey combining Greece's impressive ancient past, with its stunning Endless Blue waters, quaint villages and picturesque ports. This 9 day journey combines highlights of the Pelopnessian Coast, Argo Saronic Islands and lush green landscapes of the Ionian Islands. The journey is designed for the culturally curious along with nature lovers and connoisseurs of stunning seas and pristine beaches. Take a visual journey to get a taste of what is in store ahead. Of course always in collaboration with your trusted Captain who will alter course to maintain a balance of personal preferences with mother nature. This 9 day journey is designed for active journeyers so get out your walking shoes, hats and water bottles!

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The Iconic emblem of Democracy - The Acropolis

The Acropolis is the most important site in the western world. It's iconic Parthenon dedicated to the Godess Athina - who embodies the power, prestige and wisdom of the city. There is more to the Parthenon than meets the eye, as architects, archeologists and art historians have long discovered. Hidden messages throughout the revealing Athenians wealth of knowledge. 

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The acoustic wonder of Epidavros is located in the heart of the Sanctuary of Asklepios where it was long since practiced that art, theatre were a form of well being. An expression of emotions from tragedy to comedy all have been played here. 


Nafplion - Palamidi Castle

Nafplion - the first capital of Greece after the Greek revolution. A city engulfed in history and geographic privilege. The imposing Palamidi fortress named after the legendary hero Palamedes. It was built in a very short period of time by the Venetians (1711-14)

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Finding Your Ithaca

Homer's epic tale of Odysseaus' Ithaca tells the story of the profound adventures of Odysseus with his trials and tribulations to find his way home. 

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Adorned with natural beauty, historic importance and Venetian inspired, Corfu offers a sophisticated cosmopolitan feel and is considered the Queen of the Ionian islands.

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Birthplace of many Captains including the only female Admiral Laskarina Bouboulina who led the revolution against the Turks. She lived in the neighboring island of Spetes where she gave 6 sons to the revolution, her entire fleet of ships and led the revolution 12 days earlier to begin to free Nafplion. Hydra's imposing architecture complete with cannons was a clear message of this islands moto "Freedom or Death" 

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The many monuments scattered throughout Greece are evidence of Greece's long history and contribution to civilization, democracy and the arts. A must see site with a knowledgable guide to provide a visual story and make the stones come alive. 

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Nafplion Town

The gorgeous topography and landscape of this town in its special setting with the great Palamidi to the east and seascape to the north makes this town unique as its a stone throw away from Athens. The ultimate weekend getaway!

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Odysseaus' Journey

"As you set out for Ithaka hope the voyage is a long one,
full of adventure, full of discovery" -Konstantine Cavafy poem Ithaca

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A large rugged mountainous island filled with natural springs, colorful towns often and picture perfect coves. In Kefalonia one can spend four days alone exploring its many villages and beaches. 

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The temple of Aphaia is a well preserved temple that is not randomly placed on the island. It's intended placement along with The temple of Apollo in Delphi and the parthenon form a perfect isosceles triangle to remind us that there are some places that are greater than us. 


A Visual Highlights Tour

Sit back relax and take a quick visual highlights tour of the Argo-Saronic and Ionian Islands

Match it up against your own photos to create that "I've been there!" Collection. See if you can identify the photos location. You will be tested for your navigational knowledge by your Captain.