Bahamas; a Diver’s paradise and a snorkeling Heaven for kids of all ages!

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Day 1

Embarkation Nassau/Paradise Island’s Marina at Atlantis is your point of embarkation. You’ll set course for Allan’s Cay and Highborn Cay. Halfway, enjoy a “blue hole” dive. At Highborn Cay, take a hike to the Spring and enjoy the island’s beautiful views. 

Day 2 (35 NM)

At Highborn Cay have your crew arrange some dive training and do a practice dive then cruise over to Norman’s Cay to snorkel in a sunken airplane. It’s home to more fish then you can count.

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Day 3 (11 NM)

Shroud Cay to Warderick Wells. Start your day with a walk on the beach where your footprints will be the only ones. Enjoy a trail for some morning exercise. Waterski over to Warderick Wells and enjoy the Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park. Another beautiful day!


Day 4 (17 NM)

Bells Cay to Staniel Cay. At Bell’s Cay, dive “The Aquarium” before heading to Big Majors Spot for great beaches, swimming pigs and water toy action!


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Day 5 (10 NM)

Big Majors and Fowl Cay. Today’s a great day to just hang out, enjoy the sun, water, your yacht and all your sea toys. Use the tender to explore all the little cays and just take it all in


Day 6 (20 NM)

Galliot Cay, Cave Cay and Musha Cay enjoy strawberries and Champagne on a private beach, dive and snorkel some more 


Day 7 (53 NM)

Slowly start to make your way back to Paradise fully refreshed from the hustle and bustle of the world and end your trip in a Cosmopolitan flair with maybe a land stay at Atlantis. 

Enjoy exploring Atlantis and final stop for a quick dip and maybe even a nice farewell encounter with a Dolphin!